Anne Ferguson

“For sustainability, the environment and local business, we always say shop local. There is no one more local than Sean Reardon. Although I live in Amesbury, I have worked in Newburyport for 38 years and recognize Sean’s dedication to his community. As a former President of Amesbury City Council, I recognize that his 16 years in business has given him the negotiating, management and people skills necessary to be Mayor of Newburyport. His work on the school committee has familiarized him with municipal government and budgeting. After my time in local government, I believe that our communities benefit by allowing new and younger members as well as women to join in legislating. They can offer new perspectives and represent another group of constituents that are often under represented. Mayor Holaday has done a great job leading Newburyport forward. I believe Sean Reardon can continue that work and continue to move Newburyport forward. I would urge you to vote for Sean Reardon for Mayor on November 2nd.”
– Anne Ferguson, RN at Anna Jaques Hospital

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