Ginny Eramo

“As a Newburyport business owner of 33 years, I support Sean Reardon for Mayor.
I moved to Newburyport in 1985 and lived here until 2020 when I moved to Plum Island, Newbury.

For decades my family enjoyed what many cannot – living and working in Newburyport.
I applaud Sean’s comprehensive plan to create the affordable housing that is desperately needed. Businesses throughout all of Newburyport, from our restaurants and downtown merchants, to our business park and healthcare institutions, are all struggling to hire employees because workers cannot afford to live here. Long commutes are driving those workers to other communities.

Sean has the experience to lead, and he has the passion. He’s not looking to end his career with a 4-year term followed by a pension and retirement… he’s ready to put his high energy and unwavering tenacity to work for this city and that is exactly what Newburyport deserves in its next Mayor.”

-Ginny Eramo, owner of Interlocks Salon + Spa

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